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Face Recognition NtechLab (Ru)

(c) NtechLabs

Face Recognition Hikvision (CH)

(c) Hikvision

Face Recognition NEC (JPN)

(c) NEC

Radar detection in 60sec 

(c) Axis Communication

AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking 

(c) Axis Communication

Hikvision Thermal Cameras - Perimeter Protection

(c) Hikvision Corporate Channel

Introduction to Hikvision Security Radar

(c) Hikvision Corporate Channel

Panomera W Series 360

(c) Dallmeier Electronic GmbH

Maximize occupational safety through AI

(c) Geutebrück

Face Recognition

(c) Geutebrück

Milestone XProtect

(c) Milestone

The SeeTec Logistics Solution

(C) Seetec

Preventive Fire Protection - industrial production facility