Welcome at our web page!

We are a corporate risk consultancy firm supporting organisations taking risks to achieve there mission and vision. Our HQ is located in Vienna (AT).

This Web Page is primarily for Clients in German speaking regions. Our international relations are managed on LinkedIN.

We are providing the following Services for national and international clients:

Security Strategy Development (security consulting & planning, threat analysis for people, objects and operations, risk analysis for sites and organisations, process & program development, network analysis)

Security Assessment (physical security: mechanical, technically, personell, organizational, electronically, governance audits)

Security Planning & Design (from general planning of a site until completion and hand over, security measures planning & supervison of implementation, security system design and configuration, information security systems)

Resilience improvement (crisis management, business continuity management, handling of internal or official investigations, process & governance design, forensic data analysis of structured or non structured data)

Business Support Services (national & international network analysis, vetting & screening, technical surveillance counter measures, fraud/corruption investigations, industrial espionage measures, business intelligence & due diligence support)

Critical Infrastructure Protection (pre planning, risk analysis, mitigation measures planning, crisis management design, evaluation).

Sourcing support services (system definitions, supplier pre qualification, tender specification, quality evaluation, total cost of security optimization)

We offer intense experience and methodical competencies in preventive threat defense and risk mitigation for organisations and employees. Our global expert network offers trusted local contacts with high reliability.
Broad experience in crime, organized crime and fraud investigations together with a deep understanding of business, micro and macro economics are making the difference. 

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