Security & Risk Management Systems

  • Enterprise security risk management (ESRM - ISO 31000)
  • Information security risk management (ISRM - ISO 27005:2013)
  • Compliance & governance management
  • Emergency & crisis management
  • Critical infrastructure protection management 
  • Business continuity (BCM ISO 22301) & resilience management
  • Homeland security management
  • Loss prevention management
  • Fraud prevention management
  • Management system design
  • Management system design reviews
  • Management system internal audits
  • CSOaaS - Chief Security Officer as a Service

We design and review risk management systems with strong focus on appropriate implementation, controls and usability on operational staff level and full compliance.

Sicherheits- & Risikomanagementsysteme, Sicherheitsberatung, Sicherheitskonzept, Sicherheitsanalyse


  • Unternehmens Sicherheit Risikomanagement (ESRM - ISO 31000)
  • Informationssicherheitsmanagement (ISRM - ISO 27005:2013)
  • Compliance & Governance Management
  • Notfall & Krisenmanagement
  • Sicherheitsmanagement in kritischen Infrastrukturen
  • Businesscontinuity Managementsystem (BCM ISO 22301) & Resilienzmanagement
  • Homeland-Securitymanagement
  • Loss-Prevention Management
  • Wirtschaftskriminalität-Präventionsmanagement
  • Managementsystem Entwicklung
  • Managementsystemgestaltung Untersuchung
  • Management system Interne Audits
  • Sicherheitsanalyse, Sicherheitskonzepte und Sicherheitsberatung für Unternehmen, Projekte, Veranstaltungen, Logistik, Abwehr von Wirtschaftskriminalität, Schwundbekämpfung, uvam
  • Leitung Unternehmenssicherheit - als externe Funktion (Governance Management, Qualität-und Kostenmanagement)

Wir erarbeiten Ihre Sicherheitsanalyse und führen unabhängige Sicherheitsberatung durch. Wir erarbeiten Ihr  Sicherheitskonzept und untersuchen Sicherheitsmanagementsysteme mit starkem Fokus auf geeignete Implementierung, Überwachung und Anwendbarkeit auf Mitarbeiterinnen- und Mitarbeiterebene, mit Rücksicht auf die entsprechende Compliancekonformität.


Globale Kriminalitätsbedrohungen bedingen globale Strategien und robuste Sicherheitsmanagementsysteme:

Trash worth millions of euros



It's well known there's always two sides of a story, if not more, but we all agree that waste management is an important issue as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. On the top of that, as a business worth billions of euros, waste management has given criminal networks the opportunity to diversify their activities and infiltrate the economy. The large quantity of waste left over from industry production processes in Europe is feeding a growing demand for waste disposal services.

29 arrests in France and Spain in a migrant smuggling case



The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) and the French National Police (Police Nationale), supported by Europol, dismantled a large poly-criminal network involved in migrant smuggling, trafficking of human beings and drug trafficking. 

Tabletop Exercise at Europol on Terrorist Content Dissemination Online



On 11 September, the EU Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU) organised a tabletop exercise with EU Member States’ law enforcement authorities, third countries and online service providers (OSPs) at Europol’s headquarters, in The Hague, under the umbrella of the European Commission-led EU Internet Forum. 

Operational Centre at Europol: 30 countries team up to combat crime in the Western Balkans



The Joint Action Day (JAD) Western Balkans 2019 is an international operation, involving 6 758 law enforcement officers: 6 708 officers on the ground and 50 officers in the Operational Centre at Europol’s headquarters.

Europe’s second-largest counterfeit currency network on the dark web taken down in Portugal



The Portuguese Judicial Police (Polícia Judiciária) dismantled Europe’s second-largest counterfeit currency network on the dark web with Europol’s support. Five individuals have been arrested and are accused of counterfeiting and organised crime. Counterfeit banknotes were seized across Europe, notably in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal, worth over € 1.3 million.